Cashflow Summary report

This report is a printable version of the plan you view in the Plan screen

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The Cashflow Summary report details your month-to-month income and spending. To access this report, go to the Plan page. Select the plan you require and download the report via the print icon.  It allows you to print it, save it as a PDF file or Export to Excel.

Save to PDF:

Export to Excel:

What are the benefits of the Cashflow report?

  • Can be used to check if your OD limits are sufficient in your plan

  • Compare Actuals over Budget to highlight any variances

  • To view or print your working, draft or baseline plan

TIP: The Cashflow report will display whatever is on the screen, for example:

  1. If you compress the cashflow to a Section level or expand certain codes.

  2. If you filter the cashflow screen for a specific bank account.

  3. If you display additional information, such as on Line Two.

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