Delete a farm code

Customise your code list to suit your farm business

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When can I delete a farm code?

If you have never used a Category or Extended code in either a transaction or a plan, you can delete it from your code list.

If you want to delete a Section or Category, it must first be empty.

For example, if you want to remove a Category like Grazing Fees (because you don’t graze animals off farm), you need to delete the Extended codes such as Wintering and Freight first.

How to delete a farm code

Scroll down to the Section, Category or Extended code you want to delete.

  1. Click on the vertical dots to the right of the code.

  2. Select Delete.

NOTE:  Once you select Delete, the code will be deleted immediately so make sure you’ve selected the correct code.

What can I do if I’ve used a farm code?

You’ll need to deactivate the code which will hide it in your code list, meaning you won’t be able to select it when coding transactions or building a plan.

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