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Set up your farm business
Set up your farm business

Once you’ve purchased a subscription to Farm Focus, the next step is to set up your farm business

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You’ll be guided through the steps and can stop at any point to come back later, picking up where you left off.

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to have some key pieces of information ready to record in each section of the Setup chart.

TIP:  If you are unsure where to get this information, have a chat with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Farm business

You’ll need:

  • Trading and legal name

  • Entity type

  • Effective farm area (ha)


You’ll need:

  • GST number (if registered)

  • GST basis for returns

  • GST return frequency

  • Your end-of-the-financial year

Bank accounts

You’ll need:

  • Bank account number

  • Opening bank balance at the beginning of the financial year

  • Overdraft limit and rates

Once you have recorded your bank account information, you can sign up for our free bank feeds service, which allows transactions to automatically arrive in your Farm Focus farm business.

Optional settings


You can add users or change existing user permissions to your farm business at any time.


If you are a Farmlands shareholder, you can also sign up for our free monthly Farmlands feed.  Monthly invoices automatically appear in your farm business, all you have to do is code them.

What happens next?

Once you’ve created your farm business you can:

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