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How to enter actual opening livestock numbers
How to enter actual opening livestock numbers
Enter actual opening stock numbers for the beginning of the year
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When you create your farm business in Farm Focus, your first working plan is automatically created for you.  As this is the plan you’ll revise and reforecast throughout the year, it’s important you enter your actual opening livestock numbers.

To remind you, a notification will appear in the top right corner of your screen, prompting you to enter opening livestock numbers into your working plan. 

Opening numbers in your first working plan

  1. Click on the notification bell.

  2. Select the message Opening Livestock numbers.

You'll be taken to the Livestock screen of your working plan.

  1. Click on the Settings icon at the top of the page.

  2. Select Livestock.

  3. Enter opening numbers for each stock class.

  4. Click Save to finish.

TIP: Click on the arrow next to the stock code.  This lets you record opening numbers for each stock class.

Opening numbers from last year’s closing

If there is more than one year of actual transactions in your farm business, you can quickly and easily copy last year’s closing numbers.

  1. Opening your working plan.

  2. Click on the Settings icon on the top right of the screen.

  3. Select Livestock.

Click on Copy all to copy last year’s closing numbers into this year’s opening.

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