Reset or Amend a GST report

If you have finalised your GST return and need to make some changes, see how to do this in Farm Focus.

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NOTE:  You should only reset the last finalised GST period.  If you need to reset an earlier report we recommend you talk to your accountant first.

  1. Go to Reports - GST Returns.

  2. Locate the period you need to reset and open the report.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the report and select Revert to preview.

If you're sure you want to reset the GST report, click Revert in the message box that appears.

The report will revert to a preview for you to make corrections.
Don't forget to finalise it again when you are ready to file it with the IRD.

What if your return has already been filed with the IRD?

There are two options you can consider:

  1. If you've recently filed your return incorrectly, contact IRD as soon as possible and they may help you to correct the information you have submitted. You can then reset your GST return and make corrections in Farm Focus.

  2. Re-submit this report to the IRD. You will be prompted to answer some questions to justify the amendment.

3. If the submission date for the GST period has passed, it's best to check with your accountant whether an adjustment or a reversal transaction should be made in the next GST period.

What if I missed a transaction and have already filed my GST report?

You need to always ensure your account is fully balanced in your Balancing screen before you file your GST return so that you ensure you capture all of your bank transactions in the correct GST period. If you have submitted your GST already and notice you have missed a transaction, follow this process:

  • Create a manual Money In/Money Out Transaction.

  • Input all the correct information for payment date, amount, other party etc.

  • Code the transaction.

  • You might want to add a note on your transaction to remind yourself that this one had been missed previously. Click Save.

  • This transaction will be captured in your next GST return so that you are compliant with your GST refunds/payments.

  • Make sure you notify your accountant of this occurrence and take further advice from them if needed.

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