The last thing you want to do is claim or return GST on items that don't belong in the GST report.  

If there are uncoded transactions for the period in the Actuals screen, you'll see the following message at the top of the GST report.

These transactions will be sitting in the Needs action area of the Actuals screen, waiting to be coded.

This could also indicate that other areas need to be checked before you file your GST return. 

  • Make sure there are no double ups, or transactions that don't belong in the Actuals screen i.e. unpresented cheques

TIP:  We recommend you compare your bank statement to the transactions in your farm business just to be sure.

If transactions appear in the GST report that shouldn't be there, you may need to:

a. delete them from the Actual screen if they're double ups, or

b. adjust the transaction date to be after the return period i.e. if  you pay by cheque and are waiting for it to clear.

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