TIP:  When you're entering items into a draft plan, make sure the figures are GST exclusive to match the default plan settings and reports.

How to create a draft plan

  1. Go to the Plan screen.

  2. Click on New Draft in the year you want to create the plan.

TIP:  if you select the wrong year, you have a chance to correct it later.

Plan settings

  1. Give your plan a name
    Such as the reason for the plan like 'Lease Block Proposal'.
    Don't add a year to the plan's name though, this will be done for you.

    You can also add a description if you want to.

    TIP:  If you have selected the wrong year, you can correct it at this point

  2. Choose your Starting Point

    You can choose to create your plan from Empty and start from scratch, or use other data you have already stored in Farm Focus to create from previous Actuals or from a Revised View of your Current Working Plan.

  3. Enter an opening balance
    If you're creating a draft plan for the current year, the actual opening balance will automatically appear, though you can change it if you wish.

    Enter your overdraft limit and rate.
    If you have more than one bank account, you can enter these details for each.

  4. Enter opening GST
    This is the payment/refund that takes place in the first month of the new year yet relates to the previous year's final GST period.

    This can make a big difference to cashflow in your plan so it's important to add an amount, even if it's just an estimate.

  5. Enter opening livestock numbers
    You can either copy Last Year's closing numbers across or enter a different tally.
    Click on the arrow next to each stock code i.e. SH (Sheep) to record tallies against each stock class i.e. Mixed age ewes.

  6. Click the Get Started button to finish
    If the button is greyed out this means a compulsory field is empty.

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