Rename a plan

Draft plans can be renamed at any time while Working and Baseline plans use a set name

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Renaming a draft plan is quick and easy and can be done at any time.

Plans that can't be renamed are:

  • Working
    This plan will always be called Working for each year that you have created one.

  • Baseline
    Similar to Working, any working plans that you set to Baseline will be named as such.
    If there are multiple Baseline plans for a year, they'll be called 'Current Version', 'Version 1', 'Version 2' etc.

  • Archive
    If you want to rename an archived plan, you first have to move it back to drafts.

How to rename a draft plan

  1. Go to the Plan screen.

  2. Select the draft that you want to rename.

  3. Once you are in the plan, click on the plan name and enter a new name.

  4. Click anywhere on the screen to save the changes.

NOTE: A plan's name will always include the year that the plan relates to.  

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