Time out due to inactivity
As an added security measure for your farm business, we’ve introduced a new ‘time out’ feature
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To help maintain the security of your farm business we’ve introduced a new time out feature that automatically logs you out, if there has been no activity in your farm business for more than 60 minutes.

At Farm Focus, we don’t recommend that you remain logged into your Farm Focus farm business if you’re not working in it i.e you might leave it running at home while you’re out on the farm.

How does it work?

If you are logged into your farm business but there hasn't been any activity for around 25 minutes you’ll see the following message:

Simply click on the Continue working button, and the activity timer will automatically reset itself.  

Or click Log out now to end your session.

If there hasn’t been any activity for 60 minutes or more, you’ll be automatically logged out of your farm business and will need to log back in to continue.

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