Attaching Documents

Attach digital copies of bills or other documents (lease agreements) to invoices and bank transactions in your Farm Focus farm business

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Farm Focus can safely store digital/electronic copies of your invoices and credit notes, statements and other documents; against the invoice or bank transaction they relate to.

You can attach as many documents to an invoice or transaction as you like.  
Examples of attachments include:

  • kill sheets

  • supplier statements i.e. Farmlands

  • hire purchase agreements

  • contracts

Once the document is saved in Farm Focus, you and other users with access to your farm business can quickly and easily locate the document at any time.  

How to attach a document to an invoice or transaction

  1. You can save attachments wherever you see the paper clip icon.

  2. Click on the paper clip icon. This gives the option to:

    • drag and drop a document or

    • browse and select a document

Drag and drop

  1. Drag the document from its location on your computer or tablet i.e. the Downloads folder.

  2. Drop it into the invoice or transaction record.


  1. Click on Browse and locate the file on your computer or tablet.

How to remove a document

  1. Locate the invoice or transaction the document has been attached to.

  2. Click on the paper clip icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click on the trash can icon located to the right of the file name.

  4. Select Delete.

    NOTE: If the invoice is located on a web page i.e. your Gmail account or a supplier's website, you'll need to save the file to your computer before attaching it in Farm Focus.

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