Customise livestock settings

Customise your yield percentages, breeding status, stock units per head and more for each livestock code

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Each Farm Focus farm business contains a default set of codes, that are relevant to the farming template you chose when you created your farm business.

Your livestock extended codes contain default physical and financial settings.
If the settings aren’t quite right for you, you can change them at any time.

Unit of measure

  • Stock Units / head (SU)

  • Live or carcass weight when recording actual and planned sales and purchases

  • Yield percentage for calculating carcass or live weight, depending on the information you're recording

Settlement/payment delay

when recording actual and planned sales and purchases.  The sale/purchase date is automatically calculated based on the payment date in a transaction.

Physical attributes

  • The livestock code an animal automatically ages to at the end of the financial year

  • Breeding status

KPI reporting group
For features and reports coming soon

Annual opening and closing values
For features and reports coming soon

How to change a setting in a livestock code

Firstly, select the farm business you want to customise.

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. Click on Codes.

  3. Select Farm codes.

Select the livestock extended code you want to edit, for example 1yr bulls are selected below. Double left click your mouse to change it to edit mode.

From here you can change any of the settings within the livestock code.

Click Done to save changes.

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