The default view in the Completed screen of the Actuals page is to list transactions in date order.

You can change the view to list all coded lines (transaction lines) in code order and then print this view.

View coded lines

  1. Go to the Actuals pages.
  2. Click on the Completed tab.
  3. Change the view to Coded lines.
  4. Click on the Code header to set the code view in alphabetical order.

Future features will include the ability to filter your view to a date range and specific codes, and also an Analysis by Code report.

For now, this will display all coded lines in the farm business.

Print the coded lines view

To print this view directly from your browser:

  1. Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.
  2. You can change the size of the text on each page by changing the Scale in your printer settings.
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