How to create a tax invoice

  1. In the Actuals screen, click on Create new (invoice).
  2. Select Money In.

Details that you should include on the tax invoice include:

  • Invoice date and Payment due date
  • Other party (contact)
  • Your preferred bank account to receive payment
  • A description of the goods or services supplied
  • The total due amount  

TIP:  IRD has some really helpful information on when a tax invoice should be issued and what it must include.

Other parties (also known as contacts) can be created in Settings.

Preview and generate a tax invoice

  1. Click on the arrow next to Save.
  2. Select Save and Preview Tax Invoice.
  3. Click Continue.

If the tax invoice is ready to be sent to the contact, select Generate Tax Invoice. 

A PDF version of the tax invoice will be downloaded and saved to your computer, ready to email, post etc.

IMPORTANT:  Once you have generated and downloaded the tax invoice, the details within it cannot be changed.  Instead, you will need to delete and re-create it.

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