The information within an accountants report can go toward generating your client's  end of year accounts.

The report is made up of seven sections. 

  1. Balancing
    Summarises opening and closing bank balances and whether the report is balanced.
  2. Summary
    Totals each category and extended code for the year.
  3. Bank statement summary
    Displays opening and closing bank balances for each month of the financial year and highlights any discrepancies.
  4. Analysis by code
    Details each bank transaction for the financial year by category and extended code.  It also highlights any un-coded bank transactions that need attention.
  5. Workpapers for balance sheet
    Lists opening & closing accounts receivable/payable and any journal invoices.
  6. Livestock reconciliation
    Displays an annual view of livestock movement for each financial year.
  7. Notes
    Explains how the report displays information based on selected report parameters
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