Section 4: Analysis by Code

This section provides a detailed view of all bank transactions grouped by category and extended code

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This section mirrors the order of codes in the code list and displays any uncoded transactions for your attention.

This section can be viewed by:

  • Accrual View (invoice or event date)

  • Payment Date (cash payment date)

  • Custom date range

Uncoded transactions

If there are any uncoded bank transactions in Farm Focus they will appear at the top of the section for you to identify and code or correct in the Actuals screen.

Until they have been coded or corrected they will remain at the top of the Analysis by Code section and won't be included in the total calculations.

For example, in the image below, these items are uncoded so the are excluded from the corresponding sections of the the Analysis by Code (eg culled cows sale and a house rental transaction are uncoded, so are excluded from the Income section (livestock) and the Interest and Rent section (land rental) of the Analysis by Code). 

Accrual View vs Payment Date

When viewed by accrual view, this section includes all invoices or events that occurred between the start and end of the date range. Learn more about accrual reporting here.

Payment date view includes all bank transactions that occurred between the start and end of the selected date range.

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