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What you need to know to be able to migrate a Cashmanager RURAL farm business
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Before you migrate a farm business into Farm Focus you’ll need to sign up as a user.

 Then make sure of the following in Cashmanager RURAL online:

  1. You’re the Registrar (Subscription Owner) of the farm business 

If you fit into the three criteria above, you'll be able to select the available farm business in Step 1 and move on to Step 2.

If, when you run a Springclean, errors appear in the report, contact our Support team and they'll be able to help you fix them.

Select a subscription

Once you have selected your farm business, you can select the subscription type to transfer your farm business to.

The subscription types in Farm Focus are identical to Cashmanager RURAL online.

For example, if you have a farm business that contains budgets, runs a stock rec or records more than 150 coded lines per year, you should choose Farm Focus.

If you have a land owning entity or a farm business that doesn't contain budgets, run a stock rec or records less than 150 coded lines per year, you should choose Focus Limited.

NOTE:  Before you can subscribe to Focus Limited, you must already have a subscription to Farm Focus.

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