You can purchase a Focus Limited subscription alongside your Farm Focus subscription. A Focus Limited subscription is perfect for entities that handle a limited number of transactions and invoices each year, like trust accounts.

What’s included

  • Up to 150 coded invoice or transaction lines each year

  • Tax Invoices

  • GST returns

  • Direct Bank Feeds

  • Simple Livestock reconciliation (annual view of actual stock sales and purchases)

  • Asset Register

What’s not included

  • Planning

  • Financial reports

  • Tags and Connectors

  • Dairy forecaster

  • Livestock non-financial events (births, deaths etc)

Coded line limit

When you have almost reached the limit of 150 coded lines, you will be notified in Focus to upgrade your subscription. If you wish to continue adding more coded lines, you will need to upgrade to a Farm Focus subscription. 

You will not be able to save a coded transaction/matched invoice if the limit has been exceeded.

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription 

To upgrade  or downgrade a Farm Focus subscription please contact our Customer Services  team on 0800 888 080 or via the green chat bubble below.

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