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Export transaction files to your general ledger
Export transaction files to your general ledger
Export transactions out of Farm Focus to import into APS, MYOB, CCH iFirm, or Xero
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Before you start...

Ensure you have ORGANISATION ACCESS or are the owner of the subscription. Lower access levels will not be have access to export to the General Ledger.

Make sure you have mapped your chart of accounts in the farm business.

The General Ledger Export will generate information for a standard 12-month financial year or for a custom date range where the length of your client's financial year has been shortened or lengthened to suit a new balance date.

The coded lines that are generated in the file are driven by the Accrual view and list all outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable at the year of the selected period.

How to export transactions out of a Farm Focus farm business

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. Click on Export to General Ledger, select your general ledger and the financial year you want to export.

  3. Click on Export.

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