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Align your Practice chart of accounts
Align your Practice chart of accounts

Map your chart of accounts to your clients Farm Focus farm business

Updated over a week ago

When a farm business is created in Farm Focus the income and expense alignment to your chart of accounts is ready for you to map.  

The Type within each category and extended code determines how it is aligned to your chart of accounts.

For example, livestock codes have the code Type ‘Stock’ so they will have both an Income and an Expense field to map.

The placement of other code Types are:

If you need to alter this you can do so by editing the code.  

Map the code list

From the Farm Codes screen found in Settings - Codes - Farm Codes:

  1. Enter your codes into the Income and/or Expense columns, against the corresponding Farm Focus codes.

TIP: Click on the 3 vertical arrows to show all of the codes in the code list

Additional codes that need to be mapped are: 

  • Bank accounts 

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable 

  • Suspense

  • Tax codes - Input, output, nil and exempt

These can be mapped in the General Ledger Account Codes screen found in Settings - Codes -General Ledger account codes.

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