'Other' livestock payments

Record additional payments such as pool payments and loyalty payments as well as livestock related deductions

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If you receive additional payments for livestock sales throughout the year, you can record the transaction information using the Livestock event 'Other'.

You can also this event if you want to record any deductions like inspection fees in your invoices and bank transactions.

What is 'Other'?

Other is a livestock event that allows you to record additional income transactions against a specific stock class without having to including quantities or weights.

For example you may receive a loyalty payment from your meat company for supplying a percentage of lambs.

By selecting 'Other' as the livestock event on the bank transaction, you can allocate the payment to your Sale Lambs code.  You shouldn't include the quantity of lambs supplied or average/total weight; you've already done this when the lambs were processed.

How to use 'Other' in a transaction or invoice

  1. Select the stock class that the payment relates to e.g. sale lambs or 2yr bulls.

  2. Change the Event from Sales to Other.

TIP: Use the Description field to record information about the stock class such as total quantity and weight

Other in Plans

Other is also available in your plans when you if you want to record planned additional livestock income or expenses.

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