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How to balance a manual bank account
How to balance a manual bank account

How to make sure your manual bank account reconciles with the balance at the bank

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What is a manual bank account?

If you import your bank transactions into Farm Focus as a CSV or QIF file, you have a manual bank account.
TIP: If you are unsure you can check this in the settings - bank accounts screen. 

Make sure you are using a QIF file (dd/mm/yyyy) for BNZ bank imports.

How to balance a manual bank account.

You will be reminded when the balance needs to be entered with a notification displayed in the needs action screen.

  1. Click on the notification to be directed to the Balancing screen.

  2. Click on Enter Balance. A field will appear to enter your closing balance.

  3. Type in the closing balance from your bank statement or internet banking.

When your bank account is balanced

  • The balance will show as a single figure in black text

  •  The Balanced up to here line will move up the page as shown below 

NOTE: The closing balance only needs to be entered for the last day of the month. Farm Focus will take care of the rest. 

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