What is a manual bank account?

If you import your bank transactions into Focus as a CSV or QIF file, you have a manual bank account.
TIP: If you are unsure you can check this in the settings - bank accounts screen. 

How to balance a manual bank account.

You will  be reminded when the balance needs to be entered with a notification displayed in the needs action screen.

  1. Click on the notification to be directed to the Balancing screen.
  2. Click on Enter Balance. A field will appear to enter your closing balance.
  3. Type in the closing balance from your bank statement or internet banking.

When your bank account is balanced

  • The balance will show as a single figure in black text
  •  The Balanced up to here line will move up the page as shown below 

NOTE: The closing balance only needs to be entered for the last day of the month. Focus will take care of the rest. 

Helpful links.

You have followed these steps and are still unbalanced?

Balancing explained: Making sure your transactions reconcile and balance to your bank account

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