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Bulk code and bulk delete transactions
Bulk code and bulk delete transactions

You can code or delete multiple bank transactions from the Needs Action screen

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How to select transactions to bulk code or delete

In the Actuals - Needs Action screen, Identify the bank transactions that will use the same farm code.

  1. Hover over one of the transactions and put a check in the box that appears on the left.
    NOTE: After you have selected a transaction, the screen will turn blue. 

  2. Continue to select additional transactions to include in the bulk code batch.

Review selected transactions

  • The top left corner of your screen will display the number of transactions selected

  • Click the X next to the number selected to un-select all chosen transactions alternatively, you can untick them individually from the bank transaction list

Bulk code or Delete

When you are happy with your selection:

  • Click Delete, to delete the selected transactions 

  • Click Code, to Bulk code the selection.  
    A box will pop up for the details of the bulk code batch.

Bulk Code details

In the bulk code transactions box:

  1. Enter the Code to apply to the selected items.
    NOTE: Production and livestock transactions that require more detailed information are not suitable to bulk code. These codes will not be available for you to select.

  2. Add a Description for the selected items.

  3. Click Code to code and save the selected items.

The selected transactions will now be coded and moved directly to the completed screen. 

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