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Manage the Settings in your Plans
Manage the Settings in your Plans

Learn more about the Settings and Viewing options for your Plans

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The Working Plan has many viewing and settings options that you can use to manage your preferences:

  1. You can print your report, or save a copy as a pdf.

  2. Compare your data on Line 2 with other plans and actuals, or view your quantities.

  3. Use the filter option to filter for Management and/or Cost Tags

  4. Select the Viewing icon to set your viewing preferences

  5. Learn about some of the keyboard shortcuts to use

  6. The Settings cog icon gives you options to adjust your Plan name and descriptions.

Plan settings 

  • Click on the Settings cog and select Plan Settings. This will allow you to change your Plan Name, enter a Plan description or enter a GST refund/payment from the previous financial year.

  • If you leave the GST amount blank then Farm Focus will calculate an estimate.


  • Click on the Settings cog and select Livestock to manage the opening numbers of your Livestock. If you have recently switched from Cashmanager RURAL, these quantities will populate with your existing information, and you have the option to overwrite these.

  • Use the black arrows to drop down between stock classes, and also to enter opening amounts for different Management Tags (if relevant).


Click on the Viewing icon to display your options for viewing your plan:

a) Show financial year items will flag with a BLUE alert any cells in your Working Plan that have a payment that relates to an invoice dated in a previous financial year. This option will also open a Future FY column which shows any invoices from this year that will be paid in the following Financial Year (such as milk cheques, or livestock sales and purchases).

b) The Quantities option will show the total quantities of livestock in your Livestock Reconciliation.

c) The Stock Units option will show your totals in your Livestock Reconciliation in Stock units for each stock class, and the overall total.

d) Show Monthly Balances will display your remaining stock on hand after each livestock event

e) Stock on Hand will show a grey column in your Livestock at the Revision date to list the total stock on hand at that date for each of the stock classes.

f) The Remaining Budget is a handy column in the Livestock. You can plan out your opening and closing stock numbers for the year, and the remaining column will let you know how many of each stock class you have left to allocate to buy/sell throughout the year.

Compare Data on Line 2

  • Click on the Compare icon to show the second line in your Cashflow to compare between different plans.

    You can also select Quantities and your quantities will be shown on Line 2. This is handy to map your milk production or livestock movements.

Managing your Plans from the Working Plan Landing Page

On the Working Plan Landing page, you have many options to upgrade or downgrade Working Plans, change financial years, or delete or archive plans. Use the three contextual menu dots around the page to see what your options are.

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