Cashmanager RURAL and Farm Focus have the same DNA but live on very different platforms. There are some language and feature differences that we would like to show you.


This topic will highlight some of the key areas of Focus that we would like you to become familiar with. 

The Dashboard

This is the landing page of Focus which gives you a current snapshot of your farm business

Some of the options You will find on this screen will be present on every Focus screen you move to. 

  • Chat bubble:
    Search for help articles or chat with our specialist support team

  • Notifications bell:
    Notifies you of upcoming important tasks

  • Your Profile Icon:
    You can update your billing details here

The Settings screen

Where you can manage your farm business settings and more

  • Users
     Invite anyone that you would like to have access to your farm business. Access levels in Focus are different than RURAL. Users with limited access in RURAL will not be migrated.

    Please check your user's access levels in RURAL and invite them to Focus if you need to.

  • Farm Codes
    Your Farm codes are customisable to you and your business.
    Focus has more KPI reporting groups than RURAL.  

    If you use the EFS report, we recommend you check your farm code list to make sure the KPI groups are correct for your farm codes.

    Livestock Codes

  • If you had livestock in RURAL that was set to age to the same stock class this will need to be reviewed. Please click into the stock code to adjust the ageing settings.

  • Bank Accounts
    Set up bank feeds and add any additional bank accounts you may want to track in your farm business. We recommend you check your bank account opening balances.

  • Tags
    You can setup Management tags (you'll know them as Enterprises in RURAL) and cost tags to further analyse your farm business.

  • Connectors
    If you didn't already do so in RURAL, you can set up automatic feeds for Farmlands, Farm Source and PaySauce.  They will then arrive into Focus each month or pay cycle, ready to code. 

The Actuals screen

In RURAL, this was called Transactions

The Actuals screen is made up of 5 key areas:

Needs action
Automated bank, payroll and trader feeds arrive in this screen.

  • Code a transaction or match it to the relevant invoice

  • Click on the column headings to sort the on-screen view of your transactions

  • Use bulk code features and automated coding rules to save time in the office

Coded transactions will move into this screen, ready to be included in GST returns and in your plan (budget). The transactions list can be sorted by clicking the column headings.

Stock Activity
Any Livestock transactions will be listed here. Select +Non Financial Event to enter your actual Births and Deaths. Your stock rec will be automatically updated.

No more reconciling!
If you have an automated bank feed, your bank balance will be entered for you. If your account is unbalanced, you will be pinpointed to the day your account became unbalanced which may be due to there being an un-coded transaction sitting in Needs action.

The Plan Screen

In RURAL this was called Cashflow
You can create plans (budgets), revise and manage your livestock rec

There are 3 main areas of the plan screen

Working plans
Your working plan (revised budget) for the current financial year will display actual transactions up to revision date and planned transactions for the remainder of the year.  
Your livestock Rec can also be found here.
TIP: Click the settings cog to adjust your livestock opening balances.

Baseline Plans
A baseline plan is a read-only copy of your working plan that you can refer back to as the financial year progresses.  You can create as many versions of the baseline plan as you like.

Draft Plans
When your migrated current and future budgets arrive in Focus they will sit here.
You can turn a Draft plan into a working plan at any time.

TIP: Planning tools and features
This topic will help to make creating and editing plans quicker and easier.

The Reports screen

In Focus, your farm reports can be found in one place

Financial reports
Here you can find the EFS report, Cashflow Detail, Variance report and more.

Livestock reports
The livestock summary is a PDF copy of your livestock rec. You can access your livestock rec by selecting the Livestock tab in your working plan.

GST Returns
Like RURAL, Your coding will automatically feed into your GST return

Find out more

Use the chat bubble to search for helpcentre topics or to chat with our specialist support team.

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