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How to match a bank transaction to an invoice
How to match a bank transaction to an invoice
Invoices and statements can be coded ahead of time. When the bank transaction arrives you will match the transaction to the coded invoice.
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What is Matching?

By matching the transaction, Focus understands that all of the information within the invoice, belongs to the matched bank transaction.

Matching also moves both the invoice and the transaction from the Needs Action screen to Completed.

Match a coded Invoice to a bank transaction

  1. Open the bank transaction.

  2. Click Match:
    Suggested matches will appear below the transaction.

  3. Select the invoice that matches the bank transaction.

  4. To finish, Click Save to return to the Needs Action screen, or Save and Next to move to the next transaction on your list.


  • Click Unmatch if you have selected the wrong invoice.

  • If your invoice is only part of the bank transaction total you can:
    Click + Add new line to code the remainder of the transaction. Or, select additional invoices that are included in the bank transaction total.

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