Create a coding rule

In the Needs action screen, Open a bank transaction to view the transaction details

  1. Code the transaction. 
  2. Click the pencil icon
    The New coding rule screen will appear

New Coding Rule 

Focus will take the details of the transaction to pre-populate the coding rule. 

  1. Criteria.
    The bank transaction details as they appear on your bank statement.
  2. Action.
    Code, description and Tag details.
    Choose to code the full amount, a set amount or a percentage of the amount.
  3. Review.
  • Each time:
    Future bank transactions will stay in needs action for you to approve the coding.
  • Apply Automatically:
    Future bank transactions will be coded and moved to completed for you.

    4. Click Save to complete. 

NOTE: Clicking the pencil icon again will create an additional rule. Click here to find out how to edit or delete coding rules.

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