The migration process involves 4 key steps: 

  1. Prepare your business for migration
  2. Sign up to Focus
  3. Migrate your farm business
  4. Migration successful - Review setup

NOTE: There are some key differences between Cashmanager RURAL and Cash Manager Focus. To find out more about these differences before you migrate, click here

1. Prepare your Cashmanager RURAL farm business for migration

On the day you migrate, you will need to complete the following tasks in Cashmanager Rural. 

Code - Reconcile - Spring clean - Close

  1. Code any waiting transaction feeds (Bank or Farmlands)
  2. Reconcile all transactions
  3. Run a spring clean on the day of Migration
  4. Close Cashmanager Rural 

Optional:  Copy your Rural budgets into the current financial year

For more detailed information about preparing your farm business to migrate, Click here

2. Set up your Focus login

Open your internet browser (We recommend Chrome or Safari) and go to the Cash Manager Focus login page

  1. Click New here? Sign up now. Then follow the prompts.
    If you are already signed up to Focus select Log in. 

For more information about setting up your Focus login, Click here

3. Begin Migration

Once logged into Focus - Click Migrate farm

NOTE: If you don't see the screen above, please select the farm business drop-down and select Add Farm

The migration process will take you through a series of screens. You will:

  1. Enter your Cashmanager RURAL login details
  2. Select the farm business to migrate into Focus
  3. Confirm billing details
    this step requires a Credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card
  4. Select the information from your farm business that you want to migrate into Focus
  5. Click Start migration

For more detailed information about beginning migration, Click here

Migration in progress

The Migration process can take from 10 minutes up to 24 hours. You can refresh your page to check for progress.

Migration successful

Your data has successfully migrated. You will now review the setup of your farm business.

  • Basic information
  • Manage user access
  • Gst
  • Bank accounts
  • Tags
  • Automated connectors

For more detailed information about review and setup. Click here

Setup complete 

You can now start working in Focus. Here are some helpful links to help you to navigate your way around.

Where to go in Focus, to do the things you did in RURAL

Quick start guide

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