There are 3 easy steps to Switch:

  1. Prepare your farm business

  2. Switch your farm business

  3. Review setup

Before you start, make sure that

1. Prepare your Cashmanager RURAL farm business to make the switch

On the day you switch - you will need to complete the following tasks in your RURAL farm business. 

After you complete these tasks, make sure to log out of Cashmanager RURAL.

2. Switch your Farm Business

Once you have logged into Focus select the Migrate farm option.

NB: If you have both Full and Limited RURAL subscriptions, you need to switch the Full farm business first. Then you can switch the Limited business.

During the switching process you will:

  1. Enter your Cashmanager RURAL login details and select the farm business you want to switch.

  2. Confirm your payment method as either credit card or direct debit. Your credit card or bank account will be charged when the existing RURAL subscription renewal date occurs.

  3. Select the information that you want to migrate into Farm Focus. This includes:
    Plans (budgets)
    Opening livestock numbers

  4. Click Start Migration.

3. Switch is successful - review setup

Once your data has successfully switched, Farm Focus will walk you through reviewing the setup of your farm business.

Now that you are using Focus, here are some helpful topics to help you navigate your way around.

Where to go in Focus, to do the things you did in RURAL

Quick start guide

Key feature differences

Frequently asked questions

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