Deferred invoice

Within the invoice:

  1. Adjust the total at the top of the invoice to be equal to the amount that was deducted from the bank.

  2. Click +add new line at the bottom of the invoice lines. 

  3. Enter the deferred amount so that the invoice balances with the new total.
    This can be coded to DF (Deferred expenses).

  4. Open the bank transaction, or if $0, create a bank transaction for the invoice due date, with a bank transaction total of $0.00.

  5. Match the bank transaction to the invoice

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Fonterra, Farm source and other deductions

Deductions for Farm Source and DairyNZ levies are taken from the total milk payment before the income is received. The table below highlights what a typical transaction may include.

To code and match Fonterra and Farm source:

 In the Needs Action screen:
Open the bank transaction for milk Income received then click Code.

  1. On the first line, enter:

  • Total milk income before deductions

  • The code and extended code 

  • Quantity of kg/MS

2. Click + Add a new line.

  • Enter and code the DairyNZ Levy as it appears on your milk supply statement.
    TIP: Repeat this step until all deductions have been entered

3. Click Match.

  • Select the pre-coded Farm Source statement from the suggested Matches list.

4. Save the transaction

The invoice and the bank transaction have now merged and can be found in the completed screen.

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