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Navigating your way around Farm Focus
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Farm Focus has 5 key screens that can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left side of your Focus farm business

1. Dashboard

The landing page of Focus, giving you a snapshot of your farm business. The following options will be present on every Focus screen. 

  • Chat bubble
    Find help articles or start a conversation with our specialist support team

  • Notifications bell
    Notifies you of upcoming important tasks

  • Your Profile Icon
    Update your password, contact, billing and default farm details

  • Help button
    links to the Focus help centre and to our contact information

2. Plan

Create plans (budgets), Save a copy of your cashflow as a PDF, revise your plan and manage your livestock rec.

  • Working Plans
    Your working plan (revised budget) for the current financial year will display actual coded transactions up to date and planned transactions for the remainder of the year, your livestock Rec and the dairy forecaster can also be found here.

  • Baseline Plans
    A baseline plan is a read-only copy of your working plan that you can refer back to as the financial year progresses.  You can create as many versions of the baseline plan as you like.

  • Draft Plans
    Create draft plans from actual transactions or start from scratch for new opportunities and scenarios. You can turn a Draft plan into a working plan at any time.

3. Actuals 

Capturing all your invoices, bank transactions and livestock events in one place. The Actuals screen is made up of 5 areas:

  • Needs Action
    Automated bank, payroll and trader feeds will arrive here ready to code. Invoices and trader statements on the left, bank transactions on the right.

  • Completed
    Coded transactions will move into this screen. Completed transactions will be included in GST returns, reports and in your working plan (revised budget).

  • Stock Activity
    All actual livestock transactions will be listed here. Add non-financial events like births and deaths.

  • Balancing
    A quick and easy way to make sure your transactions reconcile and balance to your bank account.

  • Tax Invoices
    All of the tax invoices that you have created will be displayed on this screen

4. Reports

Farm focused reporting tailored to your business.

  • Financial reports
    Trends, Economic farm surplus, Cashflow Detail, Variance and more.

  • Livestock reports
    The livestock summary is a PDF copy of your livestock rec.

  • GST returns
    Your coding will automatically feed into your GST return

5. Settings

Manage your farm business settings and more

  • Farm business
    Your trading name, entity type and address details

  • Users
    Invite others to access to your Farm Focus farm business.

  • Financial
    Your GST number, GST basis, frequency and  financial year-end details

  • Codes
    Manage your farm code list. Create and manage automated coding rules or code split rules. Map general ledger codes

  • Livestock
    Manage your opening and closing livestock values and weights. This information contributes to the EFS Report

  • Bank Accounts
    Set up and manage bank accounts and bank feeds

  • Tags
    You can set up management tags and cost tags to further analyse your farm business.

  • Connectors
    Set up automated feeds for Farmlands, Farm Source, PaySauce and Invoice Scanner

  • Contacts
    Add and update your contact list for quick entry into invoices and other party fields

Browse through our help centre articles for more detailed information about the features and abilities of Farm Focus

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