Key feature differences

Farm Focus offers more flexibility to add additional features that help you to get the most out of your business

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Some features that you were familiar with in Cashmanager RURAL look different in Farm Focus.

Features that are different in Farm Focus


Enterprises have been reinvented in Farm Focus and are now known as Management Tags and Cost Tags. When you switch to Farm Focus your enterprises will be transferred. You’ll then need to decide which tag suits your business. Find out more about Enterprises in Farm Focus


You’ll need to create new coding rules when you switch. Your Cashmanager RURAL auto-codes won’t come across to Farm Focus. However, new coding rules are powerful and easy to create. Take this opportunity to review your codes and ensure they’re current. Find out more about coding rules in Farm Focus

Code splits

Code splits are now called code split rules in Farm Focus and you’ll need to set them up once you’ve switched. Find out more about code split rules


Farm Focus has a powerful new invoicing system. You can easily match payments to invoices in Farm Focus and electronically upload invoices to transactions so you no longer need paper copies.

While invoices will not automatically come across from Cashmanager RURAL in the switch, you can keep copies of any invoices by downloading them as PDFs and forwarding them to your Farm Focus account.

Scan My bills

Your Scan My Bills account and invoices won't be migrated to Focus.
You can however sign up for our new Invoice Scanner which uses the same technology as Scan My Bills nicely with Focus. Find out more about Invoice Scanner

User access

If you have users with power access in Cashmanager RURAL, they will have restricted access in Farm Focus.
If you have users with Controlled access in Cashmanager RURAL, you'll need to reassign their access to Farm Focus.

Features that aren't in Farm Focus

Asset Register

Asset Register information does not automatically come across in the switch. If you do want to retain this information, download it from Cashmanager RURAL and enter it into your asset register in Farm Focus.


The Wagebook will no longer exist in Farm Focus. With payroll requirements becoming increasingly complex, we believe payroll is best managed by specialist providers.

Customers who have been using the Wagebook will need to find a new provider. However, we are looking to work with Australian payroll providers in the future.


Farm Focus does not have a full debtors system, such as a product list. However, you can create tax invoices to bill for goods and services and produce Debtors Statements. Find out more about managing your debtors in Farm Focus

We release features and updates every 6 weeks so we know there will be many great things coming for you and your business.

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