Some features that you were familiar with in Cashmanager RURAL look different in Farm Focus.

Features that are different

User access

  • If you have users with Power access in RURAL, they will have Restricted access in Focus.
    If you have users with Controlled access in RURAL, you'll need to reassign their access in Focus.

To check your current RURAL user access levels, please log in to and select your farm business.


Your RURAL auto-codes won't be migrated to Focus.

Instead, you can create bank transaction and invoice coding rules which allow for more flexibility. Find out more


Enterprises are now known as Tags. There are two types of Tags:

  1. Cost Tags track and report on cost areas in your business and are free as part of your subscription.

  2. Management Tags track and report on cost areas plus stock and revenue. You get one free Management Tag as part of your subscription.

Scan my Bills

Your Scan my Bills account and invoices won't be migrated to Focus.
Instead you can sign up to our new Invoice Scanner which uses the same technology as Scan my Bills but works nicely with Focus. Find out more

Features that aren't in Farm Focus


As payroll requirements becoming increasingly complex, we believe payroll is best managed by specialist payroll providers.

Instead, you can connect directly with payroll providers such as PaySauce so that information can be automatically posted into Focus. Find out more


Farm Focus does not have a full debtors system such as aging debtors. However, you can create Tax Invoices to bill for goods and services. Find out more

We release features and updates every 6 weeks so we know there will be many great things coming for you and your business.

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