User access

User access levels in Focus are different from RURAL. 

For this reason, only users with full access to your Cashmanager RURAL farm business will be able to access your farm business in Focus.  

For more information about user access levels in Focus click here

To check your current RURAL user access levels, please log in to and select your farm business.


Your existing autocoding setup in RURAL will not be migrated to Cash Manager Focus. 

Focus has more options for you when creating automated coding rules, you can even create rules while coding transactions saving you time and improving accuracy.

TIP: In RURAL you can print a list of your current autocoding setup to give you a guide when setting up your Focus farm business. You can access this report In the transaction screen by selecting Reports - Autocoding

Regular transactions

Cash Manager Focus does not have a regular transaction function. 

If you have any recurring regular transactions set up in RURAL, these will not be migrated to Focus.

What will you do In Focus? You can create manual transactions in Focus to reflect these transactions. Click here to find out how

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