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Invoice scanner (Fill in the gaps)

If the Invoice Scanner can't read areas of your invoice you can help it to improve accuracy for next time

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When you open your scanned invoice there may be details that have not been mapped by the Invoice Scanner such as the other party, invoice date or amount due.

If this happens click on the Fill in the gaps link to correct how the Invoice Scanner reads the invoice.

Correcting your invoice

A copy of your invoice will appear on the left-hand side of the Invoice Scanner mapping screen while the right side is the mapping area.

Information that has automatically been read by the Invoice Scanner is highlighted green while information that you select in this screen for it to learn is highlighted blue.

TIP:  The information you select needs to be in a text format.  For example, logos such as the one in the image below cannot be read by the invoice scanner but you can manually type the business name into the corresponding field on the right side.

  1. Click into the box on the right-hand side that contains the incorrect or missing information and using your mouse, highlight the text in the document on the left-hand side that you would like to insert or replace. The text will populate in the mapping area.

  2. Click Save. Your invoice will be corrected and you'll be returned to the invoice screen in your farm business.

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