On the day you migrate, you will need to complete 4 key tasks in Cashmanager Rural. 

Code - Reconcile - Spring clean - Close

Step 1. 

Code any waiting transaction feeds (Bank and Farmlands)

Transactions that are waiting to be coded won’t be migrated and could result in missing transactions.
Existing bank or trader feeds will be active in Focus once you have migrated.
For more information on coding your bank feeds in Cashmanager RURAL, Click here

Step 2. 

Reconcile up to date

Your reconciled balance will determine your bank balance in Focus. If your reconciliation is not up to date your balance in Focus may be affected.
For more information about reconciling in Cashmanager RURAL, Click here

Step 3. 

Run a springclean on the day of Migration

Running a regular springclean helps you to identify if there is anything wrong with your database that may affect reports such as the GST report or unbalance the Accountants Annual report. Like a health check of your farm business.
Errors will need to be resolved before migrating.
For more information about how to run a springclean, Click here.

NOTE: Springclean errors are usually easily fixed. If you are unsure please contact our friendly support team TIP: The chat bubble in the corner of this screen will link you directly to the support team. 

STEP 4. 

Close Cashmanager Rural

The migration process cannot begin while Cashmanager RURAL is open and running on your computer.
It can take between 10 minutes and 24 hours to migrate your farm business data into Focus. During this time you will not be able to access Cashmanager RURAL.

NOTE: After migration is complete, you will be able to access your Cashmanager RURAL database for 12months. Any changes you make in RURAL, after migration, will not be migrated to Focus.


Optional step

Copy your budgets into the current financial year

Any budgets that you would like to migrate will need to be dated for the current or future financial years. Any earlier budgets will not be migrated.
If you have any earlier budgets we recommend you copy the budget into your current financial year. 

For more information on how to create a current budget from existing budget data, Click here

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