The migration tool has been designed to be self service. This topic will give you a guide of what to expect when you step through the migration process.
When you migrate you will have clear instruction along the way, explaining what you are selecting and why.

Begin migration

Once logged into Focus - Click Migrate farm

NOTE: If you don't see the screen above, please select the farm business drop down and select Add Farm

Farm selection

You will be asked to login to Cashmanager Rural. This is to give Focus access to your RURAL farm business data.
NOTE: Please make sure you are entering your RURAL login, not your new Focus login.  

You will move through a series of screens, prompting you to choose the farming business you are wanting to migrate.
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Your existing Cashmanager RURAL online subscription will be transferred to Cash Manager Focus when you migrate. You will not be charged until your subscription renewal date.
NOTE: This step requires a Credit card or a Visa/MasterCard debit card
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Select information for your farm business

You will be prompted to select the information that you would like to Migrate into Focus. This will include: Transactions, budgets (plans) and livestock numbers.
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Migration in progress

When you have completed the above steps, click Start Migration.
The Migration process can take from 10 minutes up to 24 hours. You can refresh your page to check for progress.

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