Step 1. Export transactions 

  1. Download APS txt file from Reports - Export to General Ledger.

  2. Locate the txt file and rename the file extension from .txt to .csv.

  3. Click yes to the following message when you change the file extension.

Step 2. Edit the APS txt file

  1. Open the csv file in Excel.

  2. Delete Column A. 

  3. Row 1 displays the bank account number.  You can either delete the row entirely or delete the text to prepare for inserting column headers.  

    TIP: If there are multiple bank accounts in the file, make sure these bank account lines are deleted also.

  4. Delete the final row in the file displayed as ‘X End of file’.

  5. Add column headers and re-organise the columns as highlighted below.

Additional info:

  • In addition to Input, Output, and Exempt, APS has a tax type Nil.  You can enter ‘E’ (exempt) into this field as well as in the Exempt field to pick up items with a GST type of ‘P’.  
    Do this in Settings - Codes - General Ledger Account Codes.

  • The information entered into the CodeDescription column may be lost on importing.  You may want to try displaying this information in the Comment column instead.

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