General information & Billing

  1. How much will it cost me to Migrate?
    Migration is a no-cost service. Your subscription will be transferred to Focus at your subscription renewal date. The price will not change for you unless you add extra management tags (enterprises)
  2. Do I have to move?
    At this stage, Migration is being offered by invitation to those that have expressed interest in migrating.  Technology is always changing and we know that RURAL will reach its technology retirement at some point. 
  3. When should I migrate?
    The migration tool is able to migrate your farm business at any time. You will be able to access more detailed data if you migrate before the end of your finacial year.
  4. I am an Australian client, Can I migrate?
    Focus is not yet set up to work with the Australian tax obligations. We are always looking at how we can improve Focus for all of our clients so stay tuned! 

Cashmanager RURAL and migration 

  1. What happens with my bank feeds and farmlands feeds?
    Any active feeds in RURAL will continue to be active in Focus. Focus has even more automation options available 
  2. Will I still be able to access Cashmanager RURAL?
    You will have access to your RURAL farm business for 12 months after migration. Access to RURAL gives you the opportunity to download and save any historic records you may need going forward
    NOTE: After migration, Any changes you make in RURAL will not be migrated to Focus.
  3. Do I have to be the farm business owner to migrate?
    Only the subscription owner (Registrar) can Migrate a farm business into Focus. Please speak to the subscription owner. We are happy to help with any queries.
  4. How much of my information will be migrated?
    You can choose up to 2 years of actual transactions to view individually. Earlier information is available for reporting.
    Also migrated are your customised codes, current budgets, automated feeds, and farm business details including GST and Bank accounts.
  5. How long will the migration process take?
    The time required by you is an average of 30 minutes - 1 hour. The migration tool can take up to 24hours to migrate your data but you do not need to do anything during this time

After you have migrated to Focus

  1. Can other people access my business?
    Yes, your existing users who have non-restricted access will be migrated for you, The user will just need to sign up and they will have access to your business. You can add other users to access your Focus farm business at any time.
    Being cloud-based means that you can be logged in at the same time as another user.
  2. Is there much to learn?
    Focus and RURAL live on very different platforms but have the same  DNA. Having your own data migrated over will make it easy for you to get started straight away.
    - You will receive pop-up messaging as you move to a new screen that will highlight the key features, functions, and differences.
    - Support is only a few clicks away with our in-product chat service linking you directly to our specialist support team.
    - We have a range of documents to help you navigate your way around, Here are a few links to get you started
    Where to go in Focus to do the thing you did in RURAL
    Quick start guide
  3. Can I customise my codes in Focus?
    Yes, you can. Your customised codes will be migrated to Focus and, Like RURAL, Your code list is able to be tailored to suit you and your business needs.  
  4. Can I use Focus on my apple computer?
    Cash manager Focus is a cloud-based product that can be accessed from any device that can access an internet browser. We recommend Chrome and Safari

Do you have any more questions?

Please contact our specialist support team using the chat bubble located in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

More information

For more information about the migration process Click here

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