Sometimes you might code a transaction instead of matching it to the corresponding invoice.  
This means the invoice will continue to stay in the Needs Action screen until it is matched to a bank transaction.  This topic walks you through how to match your invoice and remove it from the Needs Action screen.

Before you start:

  • The invoice must be fully coded

  • If the transaction is in a finalised GST return, talk to our support team.

Otherwise, follow the steps below to enable you to match your invoice to the bank transaction.

Locate the bank transaction

  1. Go to the Completed screen.

  2. Change the view toggle to Transactions.

  3. Locate the transaction and hover to display three vertical dots.
    Click View Transaction.

Edit the bank transaction

  1. Hover over a coded line to display three vertical dots.

  2. Select Delete all lines.

  3. Click Save

TIP:  All coded lines in the transaction need to be deleted before it can be matched to an invoice.  This is because the invoice already contains all the purchase/sales information when it is imported into your farm business.

Match the transaction to the invoice

  1. In the bank transactions, click on the Match button.

  2. Under Suggested Matches, locate and tick the invoice you want to match.

  3. Click Save or Save and Next to go to your next Transaction on the list.

The invoice and transaction have now been merged and sit in the Completed screen.

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