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This article explains what you need to do if you receive an error notification from the Invoice Scanner

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Email messages

Once in a while, you may receive an email from the Invoice Scanner alerting you to errors in emails you have sent to your farm business.

Below are known errors and our recommended solution:

The invoice scanner received an email with no attachment

You'll need to resend the email ensuring that the file(s) is attached.

The invoice scanner received an email with an invalid attachment

Ensure you're emailing an accepted file type.  They are .pdf, .jpg and .png

Click on the 'Review document here' link to open the document in the Invoice Scanner mapping screen.  You'll need to correct any mapping errors before the invoice can be brought into the Needs Action screen of your farm business.   

IMPORTANT: The link is active for 72 hours.  If you haven't clicked on the link in that time frame you'll need to resend the document.

You may also receive this email if...

 You have clicked the Clear all data button in the Invoice Scanner mapping screen in which case, you can ignore the email.

Messages in Farm Focus

Chances are you've closed the window on your browser to exit the mapping screen instead of clicking the save button.  Exiting through the browser leaves the Invoice Scanner in an 'edit' state that will expire after 15 minutes.

To avoid this message in the future, make sure you click the save button to exit the screen.

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