Cashflow Detail report

Use this report to view the detailed underlying information from your Working Plan, drafts and baselines.

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The Cashflow Detail Report offers insight into the planned and actual items that you see in your cashflow grid.

It displays individual items with information that includes the payment date, quantity and total amount.

For livestock and milk production, the additional information includes kg/head, $/head and $/kg.

Within the report, you can also filter the view by bank account, management and cost tags and the code list.

Select data for the report

You can view one set of data at a time including:

  • Actuals + Plan
    This is a revised view of your Working Plan, displaying actuals up to a month and planned items going forward.

  • Actuals
    Actual items from the current year and earlier.

  • Plan
    Planned items only in your Working Plan and Baseline plans.

The date range can be as short as 1 month and as long as 12 months.

You can also view the report by:

  • Payment date
    Displays all items that have a payment date in the selected date range.

  • Accrual view
    Displays all items that have an invoice, event date or payment term in the selected date range.

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