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Run transaction coding rules from the Needs Action screen
Run transaction coding rules from the Needs Action screen

Running your rules as part of a group allows you to quickly review them before they are coded

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When you create a transaction coding rule, you can set it to be applied to the transaction from Needs Action.

In the image above the transaction for Jen Jersey will be coded to Wages.

In the image above there are two different transactions with their own coding rule that will be applied from Needs Action. They are each marked with a purple token so that you can easily identify that they are going to have a coding rule applied to them.

How to run coding rules from Needs Action

  1. Click on the Run coding rules button in the Bank transactions header.
    NB: If there are no transactions that a coding rule can be applied to, this button is disabled.

  2. If you haven't matched invoices to bank transactions first, we recommend you do this before running the coding rules.

The transactions will be coded and you'll see a message in the bottom left of your screen confirming that they have been moved to the Completed page.

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