File your GST directly with IRD

Save time as you quickly and easily file your GST return with IRD directly from your farm business

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For each reporting period, you can choose whether you want to file your return manually or directly to IRD from your farm business.

When you are ready to finalise your GST return, you'll have the option to either:

  • Save Final
    This will let you file the return manually. Even if you select this option, you can still choose to file it directly with IRD later.

  • Save Final & File with IR
    This will send your return directly to IRD to process.

Before you start...

  1. Make sure you have a myIR user ID and password to access your myIR account. If you haven't got one, you can contact IRD.

  2. You have the authority to file on behalf of the IRD number you're submitting the return against.

  3. This method is only suited to filing a GST101 return.
    If you file GST103 returns (GST + provisional tax), you will need to continue filing them manually.

Set up Direct Filing in 3 easy steps

The first time you use the direct filing method, you will need to confirm a one-time authentication so that a connection can be made with IRD.

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Save button.

  2. Select Save Final & File with IR.

  3. Click on File now to accept the GST filing terms and conditions.

You will be taken to IRD's myIR login page where you will need to enter your user ID and password.

Once your farm business is connected successfully with IRD, you will be taken back to the GST return in Focus and see the following confirmation.

What happens next?

IRD will process your GST return overnight from the day you file it.

When you finalise your GST return, an auto-populated and coded invoice will show up on the Invoice side of your Needs Action screen. This should be matched to the corresponding Bank Transaction.

IMPORTANT: If you use the Direct Debit payment option in myIR to make GST payments, you will not be able to create the payment until the following day, after IRD has processed the return.

If you file a GST payable return on the due date, we recommend looking at IRD's other electronic payment options to ensure you pay your GST on time.

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