Direct (Bill) Payments are now available for most banks. ANZ, BNZ, Rabobank, Westpac, ASB and Kiwibank are all able to receive bill payment files from Farm Focus. You can export a single batch payment file to pay multiple invoices at once.

Direct Payments:

Go to Actuals and click into the Needs Action screen.

You will see an Upload/Download icon in the top right corner. Click here.

In the options select Bill Payment File.

You Default bank account will be pre-selected, and you can use the drop down menu to select a different account if necessary. Your loaded payments will process through into a list:

  1. Any transactions that don't yet have a contact set up will be greyed out and show the green information icon next to them. You can update the Contact within your Settings screen, or you can also update details when you load the payment:

You will need to enter the bank details with Code and Particulars for each contact. If you don't yet have the details for these transactions, you can leave them for now and process the rest.

2. Once you have entered the bank details and any particular/code information, the payment will now be available to select. Tick the boxes of the payments you wish to load and Click Download.

3. Any previously exported payments will show in a list below. If you have made errors or need to change details you have the option to select these payments again to export in a new file.

Click Download and a file will download to your computer. You can either save to your own folders, or locate this file in your Downloads folder. This file name will have the Date and Time you exported the file so that you can easily identify each file.

When you log into your Online Banking you can then upload this file and it will load all of your payments to be processed.

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