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How to change your GST information
How to change your GST information
Do you need to change your GST number, frequency or invoice/payments basis? Learn how to here.
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If your business has changed its GST information, there is a simple way to reflect this in Focus.

  1. Go to the Settings Screen and click into Financial.

  2. Here you can change your GST number and it will pull through into any unfinalised GST reports. Make sure you still check this information within your GST report before you finalise and send to IRD.

  3. You can also check the basis of your GST if you are changing between Payments basis or Invoice basis and action this within your GST report. See the link when you click on the green info icon.

Scroll down and check again that your Financial Year End date is correct, then click Save to complete the changes.

Changing GST Frequency & Basis

If you need to change the frequency of your GST reporting period this can be done within the GST report. Go to Reports and select GST Returns. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your screen.

  1. Select the frequency that your GST period is changing to.

  2. Check that your GST basis is correct and change if necessary. You will notice on your next GST return that the date range has changed to match your changes.

  3. The period these changes will take effect will start with your next unfinalised GST Return. You can extend this timeframe further out if you choose. Click Continue to save your changes.

For further information on GST please see the following links:

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