Search through your GST report

If you need to find a particular item in your GST report, you are now able to sort and filter through the coded lines to locate this easily

Updated over a week ago

If you need to search through your GST reports, either draft or finalised, for coded items you can now do this in a simple way.

Locate the GST Report from the Reports menu and select the relevant reporting period you want to search within.

Scroll down to the Coded Lines section at the bottom of the report and use the arrow to drop down the coded line details.

You can now filter for Date, Other Party, Description, Code, Amount and GST Type to locate whichever the relevant item is.

Click on each of the category heading you want to filter and a down arrow will appear to sort this category. Click again on the arrow to filter in reverse order. This gives you the ability to search much faster for specific transactions that you might need to double check.

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