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Learn all about how to send us your feedback and requests for new features in Farm Focus

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We are constantly working to improve Farm Focus and we appreciate your feedback about the features that are important to you.

We have a great new way for you to provide feedback directly to our team.

In the bottom left-hand corner of your Focus screen, you will see the "Help" icon. Click here and select Send Feedback.

On the Farm Focus feedback dashboard, you'll see a list of requests and feedback we've received from our customers. These are set in order of priority and marked Planned, In Progress, or Complete.

You can click the voting arrow button to the left of any feedback or request post to raise the priority of that request.

If you wish to give feedback, click into the relevant category and select Create a Post.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select the relevant category.

  2. First, check if someone else has already requested the feature you're looking for. Start typing in the title of your request and you will see other similar requests displayed in the column to the right.

  3. If your request or feedback has already been posted, please click on the voting arrow button to the left of the post to raise the priority of that request.

  4. If your request has not already been posted, then add any detail as required and click Create Post to submit a new request.

Once you have created a post you will be kept up to date as it moves from Planned to In Progress or Complete so you'll know when the feature you're looking for is available in Focus.

We appreciate all of your feedback to help make Farm Focus the best product for you and your farming business.

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