When you make the switch to Farm Focus, you will have 3 financial years worth of transaction level data transfer across. The previous years of data will be viewable within your Reports section of Farm Focus (see your Analysis By Code, Trends Report, Cashflow Detail reports, and Variance Reports).

If you wish to have a more detailed level of information to refer back to, we recommend saving the Accountants Annual reports to your computer for the years that you have operated Cashmanager RURAL.

See the process below for how to save these reports:

  1. Log in to CMR Online and click on Transactions

2. From the Transactions screen, select the Reports menu and click on Accountants Annual and a preview of the current years' Accountants Annual Report will be displayed.

3. Under Report Options on the left-hand side select the oldest year you would like to export first.

Select the reporting basis: Financial Year (includes reports with Financial Year allocated to each transaction) or Transactions Date (includes reports by transaction date).

Select the "Detailed" tick box to give you all the details behind each transaction, then Click on Update Report at the bottom left of the page.

4. Confirm that the report you want to export is now displayed in the preview on the screen then click Export along the top toolbar to get the following options:

- Save as PDF: allows saving as PDF format to your computer

- Email PDF: attaches the PDF to your email

- Folder: allows you to select a folder on your PC to save to

5. Once you have successfully exported your Accountants Annual Report you will get the following pop up message:

Click Open to view the report, otherwise click Close and you will return to the print preview screen of the Accountants Annual Report.

You can now start the process again by selecting the next financial year to export, and store all of your historic data securely.

Debtors Module users

See here to learn more about saving documents for Debtors before you Switch.

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