Management Tags for Livestock
Learn here how to apply your Management Tags to the livestock across your businesses
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You may run several different business operations under the same GST number and wish to report these individually so that you can track and monitor the performance of each operation. Management Tags are a useful function for separating out the Revenue and Expenses associated with different businesses, and these are also applied to the Livestock Reconciliation.

See here to learn more about Management Tags.

Livestock Tags within your Actuals

To apply these Tags to your livestock, you can select the Tag option when you are coding transactions and invoices. Enter in the livestock information and then select the relevant Tag under the Tag option. This will update in your Livestock Reconciliation.

Likewise, use the Tag option when updating any non-financial events, or if needed to use the Transfer option to transfer stock between Management Tags.

Livestock Tags within your Plan

When you are entering Planned items into your Livestock worksheet, you will have the option to apply these numbers to a Tag. Use this function to keep your livestock seperate between operations.

Note: If you have set up and been using your Management Tags before May 2021, you will need to update your opening livestock numbers for each Tag. See how to do this here.

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