It's easy to update your opening livestock numbers from within the Working Plan. You can also split the stock numbers according to Management Tag if this is relevant for your business.

Follow this process to make the changes:

Go into your current year Working Plan and Click on the Settings cog, and select Livestock:

Use the dropdown arrow to expand each stock type to expand the categories:

  1. Use the dropdown arrow to expand each stock class that needs to be split by Management Tag. You will see that the total stock numbers are allocated to the Untagged group. If you are not using management tags there will only be one category option available.

  2. Input your opening livestock numbers. Any sales and purchases that have been coded and Tagged throughout the season will remain correct.

3. Click to Save your changes.

Livestock Reconciliations are available for your business and can be filtered for each separate Management Tag.

Your closing stock numbers for each Livestock class and Management Tag will become your Opening numbers for next season.

Please note, you can also choose to go back to previous years Working Plans to make these adjustments if necessary.

Click here to view a short Tutorial on Management Tags.

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