Follow this procees to manually import your BNZ bank transactions:

  1. Log into your BNZ online banking and select the bank account that you want to export the transactions from.

  2. Choose the date range that is applicable to you (i.e. from the last date you have bank transactions entered into Farm Focus), and click to export or download the file.

    TIP: The best file option for BNZ is the QIF file with the dd/mm/yyyy format

  3. Log into Farm Focus and go to the Actuals / Needs Action tab. Click on the upload/download icon in the top right corner and select Bank Transaction File:

4. Import your bank transactions:

a) Select from the dropdown list the bank account you are importing the transactions for.

b) Click to Browse your folders. The file you have exported from your online banking will be located in your Downloads folder with the account number, time and date in the heading. Ensure the file is .qif format.

c) Click to Import the file.

5. Your BNZ bank transactions will now be showing in your Needs Action screen, ready to code and match.

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